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I have to ask: Is that bow magic? Are you magic?

I have to ask: Is that bow magic? Are you magic? How does this work?
It was amazing! It’s so smooth and easy, even though it’s 28#! It hits the mark so often! I’m sorry, I’m bad with words and don’t know how to put my excitement into words, but shooting with this bow is just a thousand times more fun and satisfying than normal. And it’s absolutely beautiful! I really, really love it and am kind of floating on a cloud of euphoria, although my muscles are burning. I see a lot of pain in my future, and myself being very happy about that. I’ll likely build a lot of muscle in the next weeks and months…
So thank you. So much!

The bow has had a very positive impact on both my accuracy and confidence in the shot.

I have owned a 47# OPA bow for a few months now.  The bow has odd looking limbs compared to other bows, and it is not very pretty compared to my other five bows.  But I got this bow to hunt elk, and the bow performs in ways that are important to me.  Specifically, it is very smooth and  also very fast!!  But what I like best about the bow is that it shoots where I look a lot more often than what I’ve been used to.  The bow has had a very positive impact on both my accuracy and confidence in the shot.

Witchery of Archery!

I am writing to thank you for unleashing your endless quest for excellence into my bow arm. I now am the proud owner of three OPA bows and each successive one is another leap forward in the “Witchery of Archery”. Your desire to achieve the utmost in efficiency in a bow limb has helped tremendously as I endeavor to become a more proficient archer. My bows are a joy to shoot with smooth draw and no stack, and the newest seems to relax somehow at full draw. I don’t know how it is possible, but you have discovered something fabulous again! Everywhere I shoot in competition my compadres immediately comment on the speed of my bows. Each one has gotten faster with your design improvements; my best is 214 fps. With 8 grains /lb. arrow weight., phenomenal! I call this bow my “Speed Demon and love shooting it. Your bows have made it possible for me to achieve results that surprise me and give me a great sense of satisfaction in my pursuit of becoming a competent archer and hunter.  Keep the wheels turning and keep up the good work.  Thanks.

Gene Gordner

This Opa bow is the one that I hunt with now!

I want to say a few words about the bow that I purchased from you back in September. It is late October and I have shot the bow a few hundred times now. This bow @ 47 # consistently out performs other longbows that I own that have a much higher draw weight.It shoots even wood arrows at a high rate of speed. There is no question that the speed is there.  I have been shooting longbows consistently since 1990 and before that I shot recurve bows which I began in 1971. So, I think I know what I’m talking about.  I am shooting cedar shafts spined at 50-55# and with a 160 grain broadhead the arrow is a little over 500 grains.  This Opa bow is the one that I hunt with now.  The lower draw weight enables me to shoot more and as result my accuracy is better. The bow shoots fast and straight which is all I could ask for.  I think you’re on to something with your design.  I would certainly be interested in knowing about anything that you come up with in the future.

Curt Mayfield

Bow is fun to shoot!

“Wow, that bow is fun to shoot!” That’s what everyone seems to say when they stop by our workshop. We have an indoor target marked at ten, twenty and twenty five yards. Sometimes our UPS guy is having a hectic day but after delivering our packages and shooting some arrows with one of our Opa bows, he is smiling and back to work. My wife and I have a 30# and a 35# (with Siyahs) and they are so fun to shoot indoors and out. Grab some judo points for a few arrows, get out in the woods and shoot a round of stump golf for some exercise.  I’m very glad we have this simple activity available to us.

Brendan and Becky Rohan

Fortunate to have 2 Opa bows!

I am fortunate to have two Opa longbows, one of each design. Both are fast and easy draw, which also means I can settle in to my draw, come to anchor point and concentrate on the spot I want to hit. My first bow is of the just reflex design. At twenty eight inches, it draws to forty one pounds and shoots a target arrow in the mid one nineties. My newer bow has the internal siyahs, the wider limbs and draws thirty six pounds at twenty eight inches. It’s just a few weeks old and we’re becoming acquainted. I’ve yet to run it through chronograph, but am not concerned as I can feel it is fast. With archery season just five days away I’m looking forward to wandering through the woods, doing some stump shooting, searching for the elusive elk and admiring the fine crafted bow I carry in my hand. When I close this note, my lady, my lab, the bow and I are in the truck, to gather huckleberries and look for some Montana “chickens”(grouse). Enjoy your fall!

Andy Kvasnak

First in the world of archery!

We now have three Opa bows! One for my 6 year old, one for my wife and one for myself. These beautiful, handcrafted bows are our first in the world of archery. They are such a joy to use in our family’s journey into the world of archery. The light pull weight means that we can target shoot for hours without the shoulder soreness that is usually the result from higher pull weight bows. Can’t thank you enough Peter!

Chris Boedeker

Bought 3 Opa Bows!

So far, I posses three OPA bows for myself and have purchased two others, as gifts for my hunting crew. Each has exhibited a clear and individual personality, all of which have been dynamic and a pleasure to shoot. The new science these guys are on to, is clearly the future of bowery and I for one, am at the edge of my seat…I’ll be looking forward to what’s next gentlemen!

Scott Coppens

What is a Light Draw Speedbow?


The Draw Weight of a bow is measured by how much muscle power it takes to pull the bow to full draw. The average person’s full draw length is the distance from the back of the bow (the surface facing the target) to where the string sits in the nock of the arrow when the archer has the bow pulled all the way back and is ready to shoot. The standard average draw length used by bow manufacturers is 28”. This varies from person to person as all of our bodies are not identical. Bow draw weight is expressed as how much muscle energy it takes to draw the bow to the average draw length of 28”.

In most archery circles bows with draw weights of 15# to 25# would be considered to be youth bows. Bows with draw weights of 25# to 40# would be considered to be light draw weights. Bows from 45# to 55# would be considered to be average draw weights and bows 60# and higher would be considered to be heavy draw weights.

For the purposes of this description we are going to define a Light Draw Bow as having a draw weight from 25# to 40#.

Most people believe that it is necessary to have a bow of average or above draw weight (45# – 70#) to hunt deer sized and larger game.

The use of draw weight to measure a bow’s function is a deeply entrenched belief that is inappropriate. Draw weight measures draw weight, it does not measure performance. Efficiency measures performance. Bow efficiency is measured by the speed of the arrow it launches.

Not all bows are created equal. Some bows, due to their design, are much more efficient than other bows and will launch arrows much faster than another bow of identical draw weight and less efficient design. The difference can be significant, enough so that one bow with a draw weight 20# less than another bow will out perform the heavier draw weight bow. In terms of comfort in the act of shooting, even a 5# difference in draw weight can make the difference between comfortable to shoot vs physically straining to shoot.

What is attractive about a Light Draw Speedbow is that it enables a person to target shoot (and hunt) with a bow that has a very flat trajectory, thus reducing the need to gauge distance as accurately. A Light Draw Speedbow also enables a person to hunt with a bow of lighter draw weight and still equal or exceed the performance of a much heavier draw weight bow.

Light Draw Weight Bows are more comfortable to shoot. They are easier on your body, allowing you to be more relaxed. An archer who is more relaxed shoots more. An archer who shoots more shoots better. An archer who shoots better enjoys it more.

There is no need to shoot a bow that requires you to strain. People who are straining to shoot don’t shoot well.

Light Draw Speedbows are designed and built mostly by bowyers who are pushing the design envelope specifically in this direction. There are some commercial bows that are efficient and fast, however, it is not easy to discern which ones those are as there is no common rating inscribed on most bows. This is beginning to change. Some bowyers are now inscribing the ASR (Arrow Speed Rating) on their bows. This rating shows how fast that particular bow shoots an industry standard weight arrow for that bow. This rating also shows how fast that particular bow will shoot a 500 grain arrow (500 grain being an average hunting weight arrow). As the ASR being inscribed on bows becomes more common it will be easier for the consumer to compare bows’ performance.

In conclusion, Light Draw Speedbows are a new focus for some adventuresome bowyers who have a desire to make archery more enjoyable for a wider range of people. Archery can be a bit of a mysterious endeavor. It asks for physical skill, it asks for mental acuity, it asks for the ability to trust our intuition all rolled into one. It is something we can participate in from just a few years old well into our maturity. Light Draw Weight Speedbows are definitely an enhancement of the enjoyment available in this wonderful sport.

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