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Bow speed testing fastest traditional bows on the market
Welcome to Speedbows


The home for the fastest traditional and primitive bows in the world.  Put through REAL testing.  Where HIGH performance and HIGH quality meets FAIR prices.  I am an archer, a hunter and a professional bowyer specializing in high performance bow designs.  I have been told by many that I can get the best speeds out of a bow.  Achievable results by human hands.  Tapping into the peak performance that each bow has to offer.  A formula one race car has a top speed of over 200 mph, we all know this is true of the cars abilities…yet not every human if given the chance to take it for a spin could hit this speed, could they?  When they are testing for the cars top speed they do not take the result the slowest driver reached.  As a former race car driver/mechanic, I understand what it means to push something to the edge and perform at its peak.  My goal here is to demonstrate what the BOW is truly capable of…in capable hands.  I am an advocate for the bow.  While performing hundreds of tests these past few years, this has proven to be true 100% of the time.  To give a proper review of someone’s bow, you must first know from experience what you are talking about.  An “archer-only” cannot speak of bow design or materials used if they do not have this experience.  Just as a bowyer that does not like shooting bows, or does not hunt with bows cannot speak of how effective it is nor can you expect them to do proper speed testing.  I perform proper testing, a proper complete review of it’s design/build and as a bowyer, archer and hunter I can give the complete analysis of the bow.  I can cover its effectiveness in all situations whether it be target archery, hunting from ground, blind, stand, or combat archery.  I have shot every kind of traditional and primitive bow and all sizes.  I have used and worked with materials such as bamboo, wood, horn, sinew, bark, snakeskin, fish skin, rawhide, fiberglass, phenolic resin, carbon, and just about every glue imaginable.

I am seeking other bowyer’s that enjoy creating unique high performance tools and want someone like me to do a real test/review on their creation.  If you have created a bow that is unique, efficient and would like to sell them, I will help you promote it to the world.  My preference is light draw weight, super efficient bows.  It’s not all that difficult to make a heavy draw weight bow shoot some fast arrows, but if you can produce a lighter draw bow that can do the work of a heavy bow, I want to hear from you.
– Dave Mead, Professional Bowyer/Bow Tester  Contact me hereLearn more about me here.
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