12 Handmade Bamboo Arrows


12 Handmade Bamboo Arrows


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This set of 12 authentic, balanced, ready to shoot arrows are matched by both weight and spine to group tightly and fly accurately and pack a punch!  They are fully acceptable on any SCA or Renaissance Faire archery range.  The heads are modified to make them easier to pull from mesh targets and stay on!

All arrows come in any length up to 33 inches long, with 3 helical fletches (barred and white pattern as shown) and they are glued down to stay on.  Expect them to last!  You may choose for any bow poundage from 30 – 65 pounds.  These arrows are 100% hand made in the USA by master arrow maker, Todd Mathis.  They last for years, the feathers and heads stay on, and you will love how predictable they are in flight.

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Additional information

Bow Weight

30-35lbs, 35-40lbs, 40-45lbs, 45-50lbs, 50-55lbs, 55-60lbs, 60-65lbs

Head Weight

100 grain, 125 grain, 145 grain, 165 grain, 190 grain

Arrow Length

29, 30, 31, 32, 33

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