Mead Horsebow 50#/31" 207fps (Sold!)

Mead Horsebow 50#/31″ 207fps (Sold!)

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This one has been SOLD, but if you would like Dave to make you one just like it click here to order.

My Fastest horsebows! Shooting above 200 FPS w/9 grains per pound the industry standard! My new line of fiberglass/bamboo composite Horse Bows are nimble, extremely light in the hand making them perfect for the real Hunter and true Warrior archer that wants a tool to feel like an extension of them.  Perfect for ground stalk, thick brush, blinds, stands, and any position you need to shoot from.  Perfect for horseback, combat, and competition archery.  Weighing less than 10 ounces, you hardly notice it is in your hand or on your back.  These models offer the highest speeds out of all my creations, with zero handshock. The arrow pass is on both sides to make it ambidextrous and is less than 1 inch in width.

The black lams with natural bamboo core laminations combine elegance with stealth ruggedness.  Beautiful hand selected hardwood handles will vary at times based on availability.  All bows can be shot left or right handed.  No shelves.  Good for all shooting styles.  Each bow comes with a brand new served and nocked D97 continous loop bowstring.  The bow comes ready for action.  All materials sourced and each bow is made right here in the USA by me, one at a time.
Bows are tuned to be shot nock under, meaning arrow will go under nock.
I efficiently use materials that have been trusted and in use in the traditional archery world for more than 75 years to create a modern replica of my primitive bamboo horsebow designs (see photos).  The results are incredible! These new modern replicas are not effected by climate change or inclement weather like primitive bows.
Available in 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 # at 31 inches, please choose.
NOTE:  These draw weights are tested at 31 inches of max draw, so each bow model will draw a different poundage at draw lengths under 31 inches.  Usually 2.5 lbs – 3lbs+- per inch of draw.  For example, if the 50# bow is selected it will draw around 34# at 26 inches, 37# at 27 inches, 40# at 28 inches, 43# at 29 inches and so on.  They are small enough to be enjoyed by the entire family. They are so smooth to draw they feel like bows that are 10 lb less but shoot like bows that are 10-15 lbs stronger. The durability is unmatched.
The bows are approx 53 inches nock to nock and only 50 inches when strung.
Suggested brace height is 5 – 5.5 inches
8gpp minimum see speed test video for all test results
ASR – 9Gpp/207Fps 500Gr/197FPS
Shipping is FREE anywhere in USA!
These models are made to order and currently have a 6-8 week wait which could increase in the near future.  Wait varies with my teaching schedule as well.  If you would rather not wait for me to make you a bow click here to browse FAST IN STOCK BOWS made by other awesome bowyers. You might find exactly what you were looking for.
You can shoot modern material or natural shaft arrows with real feathers from these bows.
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