Opa Bow 50#/28" 202fps (SOLD!)

Opa Bow 50#/28″ 202fps (SOLD!)

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SN #1370818

Draw Weight 50#/28″ 

ASR – 9Gpp/202Fps 500Gr/192Fps

Length 58″


The Opa Bow Edge

What Are The Qualities That Make Opa Bows Unique?

Opa Bows are the result of free thinking and endless experimentation. They are the result of an adventure into evolving an ever more desirable bow.

The whole endeavor began with one man’s desire to be able to hunt big game with a lighter draw weight bow. At the age of 74 he was able to draw 30# – 35# comfortably and could work up to 40# if necessary. Could he invent a huntable bow in draw weight range?

It soon became obvious that not all discoveries in the realm of efficient longbow design had been made. He knew this because he made some new ones. These new discoveries fueled his enthusiasm to continue experimenting, as he was having very good results.

In less than two years he had gone from knowing nothing about bow building and bow design to building some incredibly fast/efficient longbows. In retrospect it seems that knowing nothing was actually an asset in that he had no preconceived notions so he went and did some “crazy” things. Some of those crazy things led to valuable discoveries.

The result at present is that there are Opa Bows that shoot 9gpp arrows in excess of 200fps. Some Opa Bows with draw weights as low as 28# shoot 500 grain arrows in excess of 150fps (considered by some authorities to be sufficient hunting criteria for big game in North America).

An unanticipated result is also that some of these experimental bows have unusually soft draws. They actually get easier to draw at the end of their draw length, giving the archer the experience of a syrup like draw…very soft and smooth…unusually smooth. As part of the soft draw phenomenon some of these bows accommodate draw lengths from 25” to 35” all in the same bow. Some of these experimental bows have draw weights that only increase 1/2lb to 1 1/2lb per additional inch of draw length. Most normal bows increase approximately 3lbs per inch of increased draw length.

The speed of these bows attests to their efficiency. One way this is expressed is in the speed change per weight change in arrows. Most normal bows speed will vary 1fps for every 3 – 4 grain change in arrow weight. Opa Bow’s speed varies 1 fps for every 5 – 5.5 grain change in arrow weight. That translates to being 20% – 40% more efficient than many commercially available bows.

Opa Bows are super simple in the use of materials. Their performance Is due purely to their experimental design, as they are built from the most standard materials. The limbs consist of two layers of “E” fiberglass (“E” glass is standard, “S” glass is high performance), and two layers of laminated bamboo. That’s all. No carbon, no Stabil Core, no “S” glass, no foam cores, nothing high tech.

The riser is made from a material used for; building siding, outdoor skateboard ramps, countertops, furniture and many other applications. It is waterproof, strong and can be worked with woodworking tools. So all outside surfaces of the bow are weatherproof with the exception of the exposed bamboo layers at the limb’s edge. This is protected by a penetrating oil and then covered with multiple layers of a high grade waterproof wax, which can easily be applied periodically as maintenance.

The essence of Opa Bows is innovative design. Nothing fancy, just pure, previously untried design elements. The nature of Opa Bows is simplicity. Simple materials, simple execution. Nothing fancy, just functionally built.

Opa Bows are simply a good idea in a three dimensional form. There are very few Opa Bows out there in the hands of traditional archers. The archers that do have one (or two or more) consider themselves fortunate. At this point they are all personal friends of Opa, and their purchase of Opa’s bows has helped finance Opa’s further experimentation. Now that opportunity is being opened up here to the wider Traditional Longbow Community.

A hearty welcome to those of you who want to join this Speedbow adventure.


“I have tortured, tested, and handled many different bows over the years. I have owned and shot a couple of Opa Bows for over a year now and put them through everything imaginable. Recently I tested every single bow he has in stock at his shop. My opinion as a professional bowyer, hunter, and archer is that Opa Bows has impressed me the most thus far. They are indestructible, the look and unique simplicity of materials is enough to make the decision to own one. When you add in the super high performance aspect it’s a no brainer. You know how I like efficient, fast, and flat shooting bows!” Dave Mead, Mead Archery

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